The Aftermath

Last night was a rough one. Not only was my 20 year old son struggling with pain and I can’t make it go away, but I had a pretty heavy duty and lengthy manifestation, and I haven’t had one for months and months.

Let me back up though – we are currently dealing with the aftermath of a crime, where my son was a victim and badly injured… and that’s just the beginning of the challenges.

Last Saturday night he was with a friend who was going to give another kid they knew a ride. My son offered to go along and to drive his car. Life changing choices, in hindsight.

Sounds innocent enough, until you take into consideration that the kid lives in a rough neighborhood and is part of a new start up gang in the area trying to make a name for themselves.

My son is not a gang banger but knows all different types of people.

Long story short, the kid pulls out a 9 mm and tries to carjack and rob them and my son ends up being shot 2 times, because… he didn’t want to be carjacked or robbed.

The kid shot off 7-8 bullets at my unarmed son and his friend and 2 struck my son and one grazed his friend. My son was hit in the upper arm and right below the knee cap. He was hospitalized for 2 days and it is now day 4 and, thankfully, he’s home.

I’m not a “what if” type of person but I have considered all of the ways this could have gone so much worse.

I had just forgotten all of the extra things it entails when you are the victim of a crime and you’re life is taken down a completely different track then the one you were currently on.

My son’s phone, backpack and his car were seized for evidence by the cops and his clothes and favorite Nike’s were cut off of his body. Understandable, but still, quite inconvenient.

We had to hear about it on the local news, who did not by any means tell the story as it really happened. Not one person who was actually involved was interviewed and police gave a very rough idea and “witnesses” only knew what had happened after the fact. It is frustrating to know that you or your child is being represented unfairly and the real story isn’t being told at all.

Ty is back staying with me and Lee now and can’t stay at his own apartment until he is further along in his recovery because he can barely walk let alone go up and down stairs or lay on his bed which is on the floor. As a mother, I’m ecstatic to have him so close again, but I also know he was just getting used to his independence and the freedom of living on his own.

I am so grateful for people, honestly I am, but bless their hearts they do ask a lot of questions and like to share their input and such. They also want a first hand account of what happened, which I understand. However, when a lot of people are doing that all at the same time, it’s almost like an extra job to keep up on it.

He hasn’t been able to work so his job is on the line and that is stressing him out, as well as not being able to drive and he is wondering how he will pay all of his bills. Of course we’ll do everything we can to help, but it’s still a valid stressor on top of everything else.

We have to go to orthopedic doctors appointments now and watch closely for infections, which could be life threatening.

We have had to be updated on the shooters situation and we will be notified and possibly have to attend court proceedings in the matter.

I honestly think it’s crazy that a situation that took all of minutes maybe seconds to occur, has most definitely had such a huge impact on every single aspect of our lives. It’s a struggle, for real. Now that I’m done venting about it, maybe I can go finish laundry and cleaning trying to get blood stains out of knee braces, ace bandages and car interiors.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am more grateful than words can say to have my son alive and recovering today and I do thank God that it wasn’t worse. I had just forgotten about all of the aftermath that comes from any type of this situation. It’s honestly incredible.

I’m also super grateful that Lee and I are able to get through this together. I don’t know what I would do without him AND my brave son.

But here’s to Tys recovery and to him getting his life back to “normal.”

I love you Ty.

3 thoughts on “The Aftermath

  1. I am so thankful that he was not hurt any worse then he was, wish I was up there to help l love you guys so much. It is not fair that the victim always hast to pay the price.


  2. You’re such a good mom and person Wendy. Thank God Ty has you and Lee! One day, one hour, one minute at a time. It’s whatever you need. I love you guys!


    • That means a lot coming from one of the best moms and people that I know!! Thank you and thank you guys for all of your love and support. Ty, Lee and I appreciate you guys so much!!


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