Trials of Humanity. And so it begins.

Trials of humanity:

As a lot of people know I have been going through some things that don’t seem to make sense from the outside and that could absolutely be judged as negative and harsh. The beauty of it is that I am going through trials by fire and that in the end I truly do hope to be that sword of truth and light that is forged in the flames.

May I share with you just one story that happened this last week as I look for the good in people.

I was at a hotel and there were probably over a dozen people gathered together in the eating area having a meeting about why they were in town. I felt compelled to walk into the middle of it even though that made me beyond uneasy. I did not know what I was going to say until one of the members saw me looking at them and ushered me forward.

He said well come on say what you need to say. When I stepped forward the words came out of my mouth without me even thinking. I said I apologize for interrupting your meeting but there is something that I must do. May I ask one of you.i to please get me a cup of coffee?

As the words came out of my mouth I imagined the sour response that would come from this group of strangers. But to my disbelief one man stood up immediately and walked over to the machines and asked me if I wanted coffee or cappuccino?

I stood in the middle of that group of strangers and the tears ran down my face. Everyone else had given me a dirty or confused look. But one man out of a dozen did not question. He simply decided to do something nice for a stranger. I had offered no reward or way to repay him and he did it anyway.

I hope that I am that man and that I possess his heart of gold.

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