Look to the sky

I am still super excited about the changes that are now actually measurable and happening all around us and it is one of the most exciting times on the planet… as well as one of the most confusing.

Technology is starting to act up with everyone around me (not just me any more!) and the energy on earth, due to magnetic and polar shifts that not enough people are talking about, are causing not only physical signs and symptoms such as nausea, headaches and pressure, dizziness and vertigo but also mental and emotional issues such as absent mindedness, forgetfulness and major mood swings.

It is starting to feel like exploding and imploding all at the same time and it’s only getting more intense, what with the lions gate portal opening and mercury continuing to go in and out of retrograde along with eclipses and full moons…

And if none of that makes any sense to you, you’re definitely not alone. In fact you are in with the majority of people.

It is an earthly fact that more crime is committed during full moons than at any other time. Significantly more, too, close to DOUBLE what happens during other non-full moon positions.

In the past I have been cranky or out of sorts and someone has mentioned that maybe I felt that way because it was a full moon that night. I would always reply something like, “Well it all makes sense now!” Not truly considering the weight or full meaning of any of the words or the situation.

To say a full moon makes men howl is a slight exaggeration, and a werewolf reference that may or may not make total sense at this point, but only a slight exaggeration.

Indigenous people have many stories dating back to forever regarding the moon and stars and how they affect and relate to us. And who better to listen to and learn from than the oldest and most wise tribes of humans around us?

We are full of energy and star dust and we ebb and flow with the ocean tides and our bodies follow circadian rhythms that are ancient and inevitable. Animals survive off of these things and they are innate also to our human nature.

Unfortunately in our hustle and bustle world of technology today we are programmed and trained from birth to be consumers first and foremost and everything about our lifestyles immediately dulls our natural instincts and senses.

You can’t even see the moon and stars from most cities and towns.

I believe that there is far too little emphasis or attention paid to the infinite space all around us filled with wonders as well as answers to so many human questions.

We, as humans and earthlings, have truly gotten so far away from the basic, natural and simple ways of living and healing that we never even consider consulting the earth, moon and stars for answers.

Sounds “Hokey,” right? Oh, so wrong.

There is too much information for me to cover regarding these subjects – but I highly suggest that you consider doing some research of your own into the moon cycles, eclipses and portals and see how they affect literally everything around us including our bodies and minds.

Also, the next time you have a simple ailment, maybe research a holistic approach first?

And any chance you get, please stop and look to the sky and take a few moments to take in all of its wonder and beauty.

There may even be some answers in the clouds and stars that you have been searching for…


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