5D concepts in a 3D world

I’ve had a really rough time sitting down to write lately – not for lack of ideas for posts or lack of opinion on things or even lack of experiences to share.

It’s because I got completely tripped up by a few concepts that are still keeping me stuck. One of which, the hardest one, is believing that I matter.

Sounds simple in theory; sure, sure I love myself and I’m great and everything. But not really.

At our core and in the light of truth I believe humans have more worth and power than we can even imagine. But due to the second thing that’s been tripping me up, absolute and total deception throughout our entire existence… we’ve been dulled down and dumbed down and worst of all, left questioning our self worth, and even worse comparing ourselves to others.

In my awakening I’ve learned to be open to the possibility of any and every possible explanation to everything. I believe we’ve been lied to and deceived about literally every single thing – ever. I believe the ones in control, or who are being controlled, did this for power and personal gain and honestly, what a great job they’ve done.

Society as a whole has bought into all of it. Hook, line and sinker and any who question it are ignored, silenced or labeled as crazy.

Wow. What a brilliant plan that has allowed control over us for thousands of years… and now that we are finally waking up to the truth and the light they amp up their game with control devices filled with fake news and distractions… that we PURCHASE and COVET. Brilliant.

I would like to speak of the light and love of the central source to everyone that I know or meet but I also know that most ears are not ready to hear it. I would like to tell everyone that we are all ONE and that none of the earthly issues we concern ourselves with truly matter. They will all be resolved with the awakening to our truth and divine purpose.

The only thing that matters is loving yourself and others because they are us and we are they. But that’s a 5D concept being thrown at a 3D world.

You don’t have to understand what’s happening. You don’t even have to believe. I say question every single thing. Literally. Everything.

You’re a carbon based life form being held onto the earth by gravity and breathing air kept around our round planet by a layer of ozone and you’re alone in a universe of infinity.

Even with “proof” I can’t say for myself that any of that is true. I can choose to believe but I’d rather stay open to possibilities after what I’ve seen and experienced.

However, here’s what a great job that they’ve done in convincing me so far… regardless of every amazing experience and sign that has been thrown at me and every synchronicity and wonder that I’ve seen… I still question one thing above all else. My worth.

In order for me to believe what I’m saying, that means I have to believe that I am part of the creator and that I am loved beyond imagination and compare and that we all are. I can believe it about you and every other person and thing in the world. But how can I matter so much? I’m not special or important…

Tricky thing turning the love you have for all things upon yourself. I give props to the darkness for beating such self doubt into me that even seeing miracles and feeling the creator’s love haven’t completely convinced me…

I am working on it. Every single day and trying to be a better person without judgment or jealousy. That’s definitely a 5D concept in a 3D world.

But I welcome the ascension process and I’m grateful that we are not alone in the universe and that soon the palaces and people in power built on greed and deception will fall and the light will help us all heal and love again. Truly love.

I am worthy. I love and I am loved. And so are you.


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